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Blackcat Rocketry are proud to offer the following lines of parachutes:

Blackcat Rocketry Classic Single Panel Chute

The Blackcat Rocketry Single Panel Para-Sheet. We printed our unique roll pattern on rip stop nylon to produce a dazzling effect. Single panel chutes need not be boring anymore. Offered in multiple colour combinations and sizes.  Perfect for small and mid-power rockets. We offer printed para-sheets in an 'Econo-line and a 'Premium-line.

  Econo-line chutes are printed using black on a single coloured nylon are are the least expensive
 Premium-Edition  chutes use a multi-colour print and come with a bridle and swivel.

All chutes come in sizes of 10,12,18,24 and 36" wide when flat.

Now even small rockets can show their colours with our Ultra light hobby rocket nylon parachute. Made from our ultra-light material. Comes in 10" and 12" diameter sizes

BlackCat Rocketry Nylon Hobby Line Parachutes

NEW:  Introducing our Mid-Power Ultra Light line of chutes.  Our lightest (mil-spec) material.  Choose from a variety of sizes and patterns: 15",18",24",36" in diameter.

BlackCat Rocketry Ultra Light Weight Parachutes BCR-18Inch Ultralight Chute

Recover your rocket in style. 

Blackcat Chutes Pro-Series

Blackcat Chutes is a new line in high-power rocket recovery. All parachutes are manufactured in the UK from light weight rip stop nylon. Each gore is laser cut for precision and sealing (no frayed ends here). Industrial sewing ensures a professional finish and consistent quality.  Each chute comes complete with a bridle and appropriately sized swivel to make attachment easy.  Sizes range from 24",36",48",60",72" and come in a range of colour patterns. 

BlackCat Chutes 24 Inch Parachute, High Power Rocketry BlackCat Chutes 36 Inch Parachute, High Power Rocketry BlackCat Chutes 48 Inch Parachute, High Power Rocketry BlackCat Chutes 60 Inch Parachute, High Power Rocketry BlackCat Chutes 72 Inch Parachute, High Power Rocketry

NEW: Introducing the limited run of the BCC-24"SE Nasa Motif Special Edition chute.

BCC-24SE Nasa Motif Parachute The BCC-24SE is a 24" high power parachute made from 24 individual gores printed to resemble the canopies of Nasa parachutes.  Though only a facsimile of the real thing they look very nice indeed when deployed.  This is a limited run of 4 chutes so you will need to be quick to get one.

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