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Ultra Light Hobby Rocket Nylon Parachute

  • £719


The Blackcat Rocketry Ultra-Light Single Panel Hobby Parachute.

We printed our unique roll pattern on ultra light weight rip stop nylon to produce a dazzling effect.

The 1.1oz light weight material is soft and can be packed to a very small size.

Perfect for small rockets where weight is a factor and packing space a premium.

Single panel chutes need not be boring anymore.

BlackCat Rocketry Ultra Light Printed Nylon Parachute

  • Light weight 1.1oz rip-stop nylon
  • Offered in multiple colour combinations
  • Perfect for small hobby rockets
  • Professionally sewn
  • MIL-Spec para-cord
  • BC Rocketry "no-sew" panel hem

BlackCat Rocketry Ultra Light Printed Nylon Parachute

Available in 12" and 10" diameter sizes.

 BlackCat Rocketry 10inch Printed Nylon Parachute  

To achieve an example safe decent rate of 17 feet/sec use the following table as a guide:

Chute Dia. (inch) Rocket Weight (gm) Rocket Weight (lb)
10 60 0.13
12 80 0.176


BlackCat Rocketry Printed Nylon Parachute

BlackCat Rocketry 10inch Printed Nylon Parachute


Made in Britain by BlackCat Rocketry

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