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Rocket Tracking Powder Kit

Rocket Tracking Powder Kit

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Ensure you can find your rocket in the sky with the BCR Rocket Tracking Powder Kit..

Comes complete with:

  • 100g of high visibility, non toxic tracking powder
  • Tracking powder deployment canister
  • Measuring spoon (made from bio plastic)
  • Kevlar cord (pre-attached to bulkheads)
  • 3d-printed bulkheads (1-black fixed in place, 1-white loose fitting)
  • 3mm eyebolt (2)
  • Nuts and washers.

Fits inside rocket air-frames as small as 24mm.

Simply attache your recover harness to each end (Black bulkhead positioned FORWARD and White bulkhead AFT). Allow some slack in your recovery harness so when pulled tight will result in the 'white' bulkhead (positioned AFT) being pulled away from the powder canister thus releasing the powder.

BlackCat Rocketry Tracking Powder Kit Instructions

Made in Britain by BlackCat Rocketry

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