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Premium Edition Para-Sheet Chutes

Premium Edition Para-Sheet Chutes

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Introducing the BlackCat Premium Edition Para-sheet Chutes.  These stunning looking single-panel parachutes come in multiple sizes and colours and are finished with an appropriately sized bridle and swivel.

Made from the same low porosity Rip-Stop Nylon as our Black Cat Chutes line of HP parachutes these parachutes will give your rocket the look it deserves.


Professionally sewn suspension lines and with our No-Sew end seam:

To achieve an example safe decent rate of 17 feet/sec use the following table as a guide:

Chute Dia. (inch) Rocket Weight (gm) Rocket Weight (lb)
10 60 0.13
12 80 0.176
18 160 0.352
24 340 0.749
36 750 1.653




Made in Britain

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