About us

Here at Black Cat Rocketry we just love rockets. But sometimes its hard to get the parts that you want when you want them.

Our goal at Black Cat Rocketry is to provide a European base of manufacturing for rocketry components.  Thus reducing the need to import parts from the US and elsewhere. 

To achieve this we set about reviewing the broad spectrum of components that people use when constructing and flying their rockets.  In some cases this meant creating a new line of parts. In others it meant making improvements to existing parts. The result is a constantly expanding collection of parts created in the UK (with the odd exception) for Black Cat Rocketry.  

Hopefully, you can purchase our parts from your local vendor (if not ask them to stock it). Or you can shop here online and we will ship it to you. Finally, if we are attending a launch we can bring any orders to you as well.

Our aim is to make rocketry even more fun.