BCC 36" Parachutes

Blackcat Chutes High Power Rocket Recovery Parachutes

Choose from 3 variants of our 36" - 12 gore parachute.

Blackcat Chutes Classic Series banner

The BCC Classic series is perfect your standard rocket use. Made from a 1.5 oz cloth with a slightly 'crinkly' kite like feel. The resulting chute is strong yet responsive.


Our most hard wearing chute. The Zero-P line of chutes have a urethane coating that ensures no air passes through. This makes them great for light drogue work and when you want maximum time in the air.


The BCC Ultra Light series are made from 1.1 oz fabric that has a silicone coating on one side. The result is an instant opening parachute that is light weight and can be packed into smaller air frames than our other lines.


Made in Britain

BlackcatChutes High Power Parachutes