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24mm Electronics Bay

24mm Electronics Bay

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Black Cat Rocketry - 24mm Electronics Bay

The BCR 24mm Phenolic Electronics Bay is made from a robust set of BlackCat Rocketry parts that enables it to be employed inside any airframe material.

Each unit is supplied assembled for ease of use (as the parts are very small)

Fully enclosed eye nuts ensure a solid mount point for your recovery harness. 

24mm Phenolic Electronics Bay

Num Description
1 24mm x 70mm Phenolic Coupler Tube
1 85mm x M3 All-threaded rod
2 M3 Lifting Eye Nuts
2 Nylon Coupler Bulkheads
2 M3 Nuts
2 10mm Washers


Black Cat Rocketry 24mm Phenolic Electronics Bay

Size: 24mm x 100mm (as measured from the eye nut ends)

Weight:  18 g

Made in Britain by BlackCat Rocketry

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