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Aluminium Nose Cone Tips

Aluminium Nose Cone Tips

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Our beautiful aluminium nose cone tips are anodized yellow and come in several sizes to fit a host of nosecones. All our tips have an internal metric thread M5 or M6 and a 2mm shoulder to ensure robust attachment to your nosecone.

Sizes are based by the measurement at the base:

Size:  16mm
Hole Thread: M5
Matching Nosecone Profile: 38mm 5-1 Ogive

16mm Aluminium Nosecone Tip

Size: 25mm
Hole Thread:M5
Matching Nosecone Profile: 54mm 5-1 Ogive

25mm Aluminium Nosecone Tip

Size: 30mm
Hole Thread:M6
Matching Nosecone Profile: 98mm 4-1 Ogive

 30mm Aluminium Nosecone Tip

Made in Britain for Black Cat Rocketry

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