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BCC-36zp Parachute

BCC-36zp Parachute

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Blackcat Chutes Pro-Series 

Blackcat Chutes introduces a new ZP (Zero Porosity) line in high-power rocket recovery. All parachutes are manufactured in the UK from light weight zero porosity rip stop nylon. Each gore is laser cut for precision and sealing (no frayed ends here). Industrial sewing ensures a professional finish and consistent quality.  Each chute comes complete with a bridle and appropriately sized swivel to make attachment easy.  

The ZP line of chutes brings a zero porosity fabric (PU coated light weight rip-stop nylon) which will stand up to the harshest conditions.


Rockets should look as good coming down as they do going up. Make sure yours does by adding a Blackcat Chute.

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