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Black Cat Cooling Anchors

Black Cat Cooling Anchors

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Introducing the Black Cat Cooling Anchor. Offered in multiple sizes these are not your ordinary internal shock cord anchors. Our 'cooling' anchors have a built in heat exchange that will 'take the sting' out of your ejection gases and help reduce heat damage to your recovery components.

Simply attach your shock cord to the eyebolt and slid in inside your airframe where you can either use 'epoxy' to create a permanent bond or optionally use a drill and 3 (recommended) bolts (headless hexbolts work well and give a low profile) to create a strong mechanical connection that can be undone to allow your Black Cat Cooling Anchor to be used in other rockets.

Our 54mm anchors come with a blue anodized motor-facing waffle-bulkhead.

Each unit comes pre-assembled complete with eye bolt attachment.

24mm/38mm units have a 4mm eyebolt whilst our 54mm anchor comes with a 5mm eyebolt. 

 Rocket Recovery Anchor - Black Cat Rocketry

Ejection Charge Baffle Anchor Assembly - Black Cat Rocketry

Made in Britain by Black Cat Rocketry

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