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Carbon Fibre Airframe Tubes

Carbon Fibre Airframe Tubes

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Our carbon fibre tubing is provided un-ground to keep the cost as low as possible. 

For that perfect finish remove any shrink wrap lines with wet-dry sanding paper followed by a wipe-down of clear resin to restore the sheen and fill scratches left by sanding. Repeat with higher grit sand paper until you get the desired finish.

Always sand wet and wear a mask to minimize any carbon dust.

Sizes are listed according to Inner Diameter (ID) and Length

Part# Inner Dia.(mm) Wall (mm) Outer Dia. (mm) Len (mm) Weight (gm)
CFT-1.1 29.10 1.05 31.02 885 129
CFT-1.5 38.10 1.0 40.1 1160 212
CFT-2.1 54.10 1.55 57.20 1040 416
CFT-3.0 76.00 1.55 79.10 1150 638
CFT-4.0 100.00 1.55 103.1 1100 797
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