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Econo Single Panel Para-Sheet Chute

Econo Single Panel Para-Sheet Chute

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The Blackcat Rocketry Single Panel Para-Sheet Chute.

We printed our unique roll pattern on rip stop nylon to produce a dazzling effect. Single panel chutes need not be boring anymore.

  • Light weight low porosity rip-stop nylon
  • Offered in multiple colour combinations and sizes
  • Perfect for small and mid-power rockets
  • Professionally sewn
  • MIL-Spec para-cord
  • BC Rocketry "no-sew" panel hem


To achieve an example safe decent rate of 17 feet/sec use the following table as a guide:

Chute Dia. (inch) Rocket Weight (gm) Rocket Weight (lb)
10 60 0.13
12 80 0.176
18 160 0.352
24 340 0.749
36 750 1.653


BlackCat Econo Parasheet 36 Inch

Note: due to the difficulty in printing on rip-stop nylon, any of our parachutes which exhibit excessive image artifacts (smudges, streaks) are sold as Factory Seconds. However, these are all structurally sound and ready to use.

Made in Britain by BlackCat Rocketry

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