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DIY Parachute Kits

DIY Parachute Kits

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Need a quality but small parachute with just the basics at the best price ?

Introducing the BlackCat Rocketry DIY Parachute Kit.

Each kit is provided un-assembled containing:

  • 1.1oz Para-Sheet (Octogon) laser cut to prevent fraying
  • 4 loops of MilSpec paracord sized accordingly
  • 8 clear self adhesive reinforcing discs to provide paracord attachment

Assembly is a simple matter of attaching a clear vinyl reinforcement disk to each corner, piercing a hole and tying the paracord loop end.

Black Cat Rocketry Parachute Kit Reinforcement

 Black Cat Rocketry Parachute

For best results tie the paracord to the parachute (through the reinforcing disc) using a 'bowline'.
How to Tie a Bowline

  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Perfect for model rockets.

Black Cat Rocketry Parachute Kit

Sizes indicated are when laid flat.

Made in Britain

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