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Mini Ball Anti-Zipper Kit

Mini Ball Anti-Zipper Kit

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Even your smallest rockets can zipper. So why not protect them with a 

Black Cat Rocketry Mini Ball Anti-Zipper device.

Sized for Mid-power rockets.

The kit includes:

  • Small Kevlar sock 
  • Foam ball to absorb the shock cord stress to the airframe wall
  • 2 cable ties to secure your Mini-Ball to your shock cord.

Assembly is simple.

  • make a  hole in the foam ball for your shock cord 
  • pass the shock cord through the ball
  • fit the Kevlar sleeve over the ball
  • adjust the ball position so when the shock cord is at its full stretch position 1/2 of the mini-ball is above the edge of the airframe  (see below)
  • attach cable ties and trim cable tie ends

Need a bigger version of this ?  See our friends at Giant Leap Rocketry

Made in Britain by Black Cat Rocketry.



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