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Low Power Nomex Chute Protectors For Model Rockets

Low Power Nomex Chute Protectors For Model Rockets

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For those model power rockets that have a larger airframe and where weight is important we introduce the Model Rocket Nomex Chute Protectors.

Made from a lighter weight material they are ideal where the every gram counts and ejection charges are small.

Offered in two initial sizes of 6" and 9" -- based on the assumption that the parachute required for this kind of rocket is small, lightweight and can be packed into a small bundle (i.e. like our Hobby and Mid-power ultralight parachutes)

BCR - Hobby Rocket Nomex Parachute Protectors

Each protectors is provided with a pre-sewn button hole and overlocked edge to prevent fraying. 

Size Weight
4" 3 gr
6" 5 gr
9" 9 gr


Made in Britain by BlackCat Rocketry


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